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Coach Whisenhunt blames wide receivers for offensive issues

Ken Whisenhunt believes it was the fault of the wide receivers, not the offensive line, for the struggles on offense.

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The offensive line for the Cardinals was disgustingly bad on Thursday. Anyone who has never watched a single down of football could have told you that the guy throwing the ball just wasn't getting enough time. The pass protection was awful, the run blocking was terri-bad and it was all super ugly.

Coach Whisenhunt may agree, but he does it see it being completely their faults.

According to Kent Somers, (via SB Nation Arizona), Whisenhunt was unhappy with the play of the wide receivers against the Rams. Here is some of what he told Somers.

"I can tell you four balls that we dropped that would have been huge plays," Whisenhunt said. "Guys falling down trying to run a route. We got 1-on-1 matchups where we're not making the catches...We get open down the middle of the field, we've got to make the catch. We get open on the curl, we've got to make the catch."

While some of this may be true, it's hard to pin the loss at that unit. Larry Fitzgerald and Andre Roberts played extremely well, but Kevin Kolb, as Cody Ulm says in his article, simply missed a ton of his throws. On top of that, he missed a lot of his reads that could have led to touchdowns. The thing is, you would miss those throws and reads too if you had Chris Long and Robert Quinn breathing down your neck all night.

Personally, I do not understand why Whisenhunt decided to call out his receivers. Michael Floyd made a crucial drop or two, as did Early Doucet. But it's impossible not to criticize the offensive line, first. I don't see Whisenhunt's motivation in defending that group.

What are your thoughts on what he said? Do you agree with him? Or is he criticizing the wrong group? Let us know.

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