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Pro Football Focus re-examines Cardinals loss to Rams

Patrick Peterson, Daryl Washington and the offensive line highlighted in PFF re-focus article.

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The Cardinals may have looked extremely poor against the St. Louis Rams, and they were, but there were some bright spots in the game. Just from a viewer's perspective, I thought Daryl Washington played extremely well. And I am not the only one who seems to think that.

Pro Football Focus did their re-focus post this week reinforcing their claims of Washington being one of the top inside linebackers in the entire league. He has a run grade of +7.6, one of the best and is always solid in pass protection with his unprecedented speed.

Patrick Peterson is an emerging star for the Cardinals as well. Although he allowed a couple of big plays to start the game, the tide quickly turned as the game wore on. He recorded an interception and shut the likes of Brian Quick and Chris Givens down whenever he was defending them. Here is a little bit more of what PFF had to say about P2:

After five games, Peterson is allowing a quarterback rating of only 33.6 on the 28 passes targeted into his coverage. Will teams start to avoid him as the season wears on?

I think teams have already begun to avoid him, as his coverage skills are top notch.

On the flip side, PFF goes in hard on the offensive line. D'Anthony Batiste and Bobby Massie were downright awful. And joining them, as I have been saying without any stats from PFF all season, was Adam Snyder. I was not a fan of the pickup of Snyder in the offseason and his stats are further proving my point.

Batiste and Snyder each allowed 3 sacks and the trio of them allowed at least 5 pressures a piece, according to PFF. This is downright unacceptable and Kevin Kolb, or whoever else is playing QB, will not survive behind that type of play. At this point, the only player I have hope for is Massie, as I think he can develop. Other than that, the absence of Levi Brown is sorely missed and this team needs to draft some young talent immediately. Getting a new offensive line coach might not be a poor idea either.

What do you think of these statistics? Read the post for more in depth stuff, but I think it is self-evident as to where this team's strengths and weaknesses are. We honestly did not need advanced stats to see all of this, but it is nice to have our claims further supported.

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