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The Cardinals' firing of Russ Grimm would be justified

In five years with the Cardinals, Russ Grimm has failed to do much of anything as the team's offensive line coach.

Christian Petersen - Getty Images

Yesterday, Jess presented you with a few reasons as to why Russ Grimm should not be fired as the Cardinals' offensive line coach. While some of what he said may be true, I completely disagree. Once the season comes to and end, regardless of how the Cardinals finish, it is time for Grimm to find a new job.

A Hall of Fame player does not make a Hall of Fame coach. Grimm has failed to develop any talent along the offensive line during his tenure in Arizona. Lyle Sendlein has been a diamond in the rough for this team after being an undrafted free agent, but other than that, the talent has been less than adequate.

Take Levi Brown, for example. Saying Grimm has not had any say in who the team drafts is simply untrue. Brown was drafted fifth overall the same year Grimm came into his job. Up until his latest injury, he was considered one of the biggest draft busts the Cardinals have ever had. People were busy lamenting the idea of having Adrian Peterson or Darrelle Revis instead.

Then you have some of the latest players that were late round draft picks, but simply didn't pan out. Do you think it is any coincidence that some of the better offensive line units around the league have late round or possibly undrafted players on their starting front line?

Look at the New Orleans Saints. Their two best linemen were drafted in the fourth and fifth rounds respectively (although Carl Nicks is now a member of the Buccaneers). It was never about the round a player was drafted, but the way the coaches are able to evaluate them. Grimm hasn't been able to evaluate anyone, which is why this unit struggles so mightily.

And don't think he doesn't have any say as to the free agents that are brought in. The most recent one, Adam Snyder, came over from the San Francisco 49ers. Up to this point, Pro Football Focus has rated him as the worst guard in the NFL. This should come as no surprise, as he was rated just as bad as a member of the 49ers. So why did Grimm and the rest of the coaching staff and front office agree to sign him?

The most convincing point is that the Cardinals are consistently one of the worst pass blocking teams in the NFL. This obviously can be placed on Russ Grimm's shoulders, as if it were you and I at a regular job and the results didn't change, we would be blamed as well. Employees are required to work with what they are given and thus far, Grimm has done a poor job of that.

When a rumor was floating around about the Jaguars possibly hiring him as their next head coach, I saw that as a godsend. Instead, Arizona is still stuck with a terrible offensive line coach and an equally terrible offensive line.

Use any excuse you want, but the bottom line is that the offensive line is poor and it is not likely to change anytime soon under their current direction. That is why it is time for Russ Grimm to hit the road after the 2012 season.

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