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Shoulder surgery set for Tuesday for Ryan Williams

The shoulder injury that Arizona Cardinals running back Ryan Williams suffered on Thursday night will keep the player from playing the rest of the 2012 season. He is taking care of the injury right away.

According to a tweet from Kent Somers, Williams is having his surgery very soon.

Unfortunately, in two seasons in the pros, Williams has suffered two season-ending injuries. This year is the shoulder and last year it was a torn patella tendon.

The injury turned out to be much more serious than originally thought. Said Ken Whisenhunt to the press on Monday, "We didn't think after the game it was going to be the case, but in getting tests done on it and talking to the doctor, it's something that's going to require surgery."

There are no long-term effects expected, but the three months of recovery time make it impossible for him to come back this season.

Beanie Wells is already injured and unable to come back until the end of November.