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The Cardinals should defeat the Bills handily in their upcoming game

After being blown out by the Patriots and 49ers in their past two games, how can we expect the Bills to play against the Arizona Cardinals this weekend?

Timothy T. Ludwig-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Cardinals are at a pivotal point in their season and this is just the type of game that will either make them or break them.

The team is now dealing with the loss of running back Ryan Williams for the year, a terrible loss on national television to the St. Louis Rams and they need to get back on track before the whole train is derailed. 4-1 is still a very good position to be in, but with the way the 49ers have been playing, this could get out of hand quickly.

That is why a rebound win against the Buffalo Bills is completely necessary. And, personally, I think the Cards do just that: win.

The Bills have given up a combined 97 points in their past two games. Yes, you read that correctly. The defense that they invested so much into, both monetarily and with draft picks, is not holding up it's end of the bargain.

On the flip side, the offense struggled last game against the 49ers, scoring just 3 points. Ryan Fitzpatrick is looking more and more like a dud, Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller have played well, but are both the mainstays of this offense. If the Cards can shut them down, they have a great chance at winning.

We know that Patrick Peterson will do his best at stopping Steve Johnson. After that, there aren't much threats for Arizona to worry about. The Bills are in sore need of more playmakers.

This game could easily be another blowout, but as well as we know the Cardinals, it would be foolish to predict that. Arizona consistently plays up or down to the level of their opponents, keeping every game closer than it needs to be. I feel Arizona scrapes by with a victory, but only by a small margin.

If the Cardinals win, then they are right back on track. If they lose, look for the scrutiny on the team to be at an all-time high.

What are your thoughts? Will this be a hard fought game? Which team walks away victorious?

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