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The Arizona Cardinals should cut their losses with Todd Heap

The tight end hasn't played since week 2 against the New England Patriots.


Todd Heap has certainly been an enigma for the Arizona Cardinals in his two seasons in the Valley of the Sun.

After being cut by the Baltimore Ravens in 2010, Heap decided it best that he come back to where he grew up and played his college ball at Arizona State University to play with the Cardinals. He signed a two year contract, making this the last season he is obligated to stick with the Cards. But, honestly, he shouldn't even make it that far.

Heap has not played since week 2 when he injured his knee after a late hit from the New England Patriots. From then on, he has been listed as either out or limited in practice as he continues to come back.

This season is beginning to mirror a lot of what his 2011 season looked like where he played in just ten games, starting 4 of them. Heap was expected to be a fixture along the line due to his ability to catch balls and be an extra blocker.

But the Cardinals don't really need him anymore. They should just get it over with and cut him. As much as I would hate to see a fellow Sun Devil leave, it must be done.

Rob Housler has improved drastically in the blocking game and is a much better receiving option than Heap at this stage in his career. His quickness allows him to run routes that Heap hasn't been able to for a few years now. If Heap comes back, all he would do is take snaps away from the young and talented Housler.

Cutting him would also show that Ken Whisenhunt means business. He needs to provide some sort of spark to get this team off of their losing ways, as they have lost their last four games after starting the season 4-0. He would be showing the rest of the players that no one is safe and that if you can't be on the field to contribute, you aren't going to be on this team.

It sounds as if some others are getting sick of it, too. Darnell Dockett, a veteran himself and star defensive tackle for the Cardinals, said that Coach Whisenhunt told all of the players in the training room that they need people to get back on the field (via Arizona Sports 620's Adam Green). Whether or not this was directed at Heap is up for question, but he responded to the allegations nonetheless.

"If I'm out there I want to be helping the team and not putting myself at risk at the same time," he said. "Does it help to go out and limp off the field every other play?"

If Heap isn't healthy at this point, the Cardinals have to be wondering if they should keep him at all.

I'll go ahead and make the decision for them. Cut him loose. He can no longer stay on the field and would only take away from other players that deserve snaps more than him. It's time that the Todd Heap era comes to an end.

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