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NFL injury report, Week 9, Arizona Cardinals: Only Kolb, Snyder out

The team getting a little healthier heading into last game before the bye.

Norm Hall

Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle Darnell Dockett said essentially that banged up players need to get on the field for one week and suck it up because the team needs them. Whether more of these players are trying to practice or if it is naturally happening because the players are getting healthier, the injury report on Wednesday for Arizona looked much better. The only two players who did not participate were quarterback Kevin Kolb, who is recovering fro detached ribs and is not expected back for at least a few more weeks, and guard Adam Snyder.

In fact, of the players listed, five fully practiced. Dockett was one of them. Tackle D'Anthony Batiste (toe), tight end Jim Dray (knee), cornerback Jamell Fleming (back) and fullback Anthony Sherman (knee) were the others to participate fully.

Four players were limited. Safety Kerry Rhodes (back), tight end Todd Heap (knee) and cornerback Greg Toler (hamstring) have been on the injury report before. The new "limited" player was long snapper Mike Leach (back).