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New report indicates Cardinals actually have no interest in Stanford Routt

After endorsing a tweet from Jason La Canfora regarding the Cardinals' interest in free agent cornerback Stanford Routt, Darren Urban is now stating that the team has no plans to bring him aboard.


Well, that rumor got squashed pretty fast.

Just one day after Jason La Canfora tweeted out that the Cardinals were eyeing Stanford Routt has a possible free agent signee, team beat writer Darren Urban has now stated that the Cardinals actually have no interest in Routt. Here is what he said on Friday.

Urban brings up a good point in that there is probably an underlying reason as to why Routt has been cut twice now and has yet to be scooped up by another team. I believe (you can all correct me if I am wrong on this) that Routt was initially released from the Raiders due to salary reasons. He simply wasn't living up to his big paycheck. As for the Chiefs release, that was probably purely performance based. Then again, maybe he is a cancer in the locker room or can't learn certain schemes -- who knows.

What we do know is that the stats do indicate that he is an up and down player. That would fit right in with this Cardinals secondary, as they have been on a pretty inconsistent roller coaster themselves.

Where Routt ends up is unknown. What is known is that it will not be with the Cardinals.

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