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Ryan Lindley receiving firs team reps with the Cardinals? Count me as a fishy one

Can we look into the third string rookie quarterback getting reps with the first team offense?

Christian Petersen

While bye weeks for our favorite teams are usually pretty dry and boring, some interesting things can come out of them on occasion. Such is the case with the Arizona Cardinals this week. According to Darren Urban, team writer for the Cards, Ryan Lindley, the team's third string rookie QB, has been throwing with the first team offense this week.

Darren Urban claims that this is something teams do during the bye week -- they explore. But do teams with stable quarterbacks always place third string rookies at the helm, giving them reps with their star receivers? I'm not so sure I agree with Urban on this one.

Personally, I believe this might be a move that Ken Whisenhunt is considering making. Sure, he may as well do it during the bye week. That will give him extra time to evaluate Lindley and see if he can get some cohesion with the first unit and prepare for the Falcons.

While I don't think Lindley is the answer and that John Skelton should remain the starter, I am not utterly opposed to the idea of Lindley getting the reins. Skelton has not shown anyone that he can be a consistent quarterback in the NFL. Maybe Lindley can do just that. I mean, even Tom Brady was a sixth round pick, right? Hey, we can dream.

What do you make of this? Is Lindley destined to see some time under center while throwing to Larry Fitzgerald and the likes? Talk about it.

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