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Fantasy Football, Week 10: Sit Jay Cutler, Matt Schaub, Start Reggie Bush

Just what you need -- fantasy football advice

With the Arizona Cardinals not playing, the only football team that probably matters is your fantasy team. So, in case you are looking for a little advice, the SB Nation Studios crew and host Matt Ufford give you their takes.

The biggest advice? Stay away from running back Fred Jackson, but start Miami's Reggie Bush, as they play the Tennessee Titans and their swiss cheese defense.

At quarterback, neither Jay Cutler nor Matt Schaub are good choices. They will be facing one another and facing a solid defense. It probably won't go well by the numbers for either guy.

What you will like the most is that at the end of the segment Ufford recaps his predictions from the week previous. It's not a fun thing to do that.

Is Ufford annoying? what video host isn't?

What do you think of host fantasy football advice? Are you going to take it?

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