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NFL Week 10 TV coverage maps: Giants/Panthers and Cowboys/Eagles are shown

Still looking to watch some NFL action on a lazy Sunday? See what games will be playing in your area right here!

Chris Graythen

For those of you that are sad about the Arizona Cardinals being on their bye this week, cheer up. I have good news. If you like the Cardinals, then you are likely a fan of the NFL in general. If that is the case, then be sure to keep your eyes glued to the television this Sunday.

The rest of the league (and our fantasy teams) will be in action and thanks to, we now know what games we will be able to watch on local TV.

If you live in the Phoenix area, CBS will air the Broncos and Panthers game starting at 11 AM MST/1 PM EST. Peyton Manning vs. Cam Newton? John Fox returning to where he once coached with his new team? Count me in.

Then, if you don't like that game there is always the Giants and the Bengals over on FOX. That should turn out to be a pretty good game as well with two very talented defenses.

The afternoon game on FOX is between the Cowboys and the Eagles. Now, I know how many of you feel about these NFC East teams, but this could actually be a nice battle of mediocrity. Whoever wins still has a shot at the division championship. Whoever loses, well... The other problem with this game is that you will have to listen to Joe Buck and Troy Aikman for a second consecutive week. You gotta do what you gotta do for the love of the game.

Arizona will be getting just the nationally televised game on the local channels, but there are some other games you can tune into if you have an NFL package. The Falcons take on the Saints in an early FOX game, which figures to be a very high tempo game between two elite offenses.

For the rest of the games and to see what plays in your area, make sure to click the previous link. Enjoy your Cardinal-less Sunday!

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