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NFL Picks against the spread: Does anyone think that the Chiefs will do anything?

Pittsburgh and Kansas City square off in what most expect to be a terrible football game


With Monday Night Football set to go in Week 10, it isn't exactly a marquee matchup. There are the Kansas City Chiefs, who are in a passive battle with the Jacksonville Jaguars to determine who is the worst team in football. Then there are the Pittsburgh Steelers, who just knocked off the defending champs and looked pretty good while doing it.

Now for the pick and the Vegas line...

According to, this game is not even close. The Steelers are favored by 13.5 points, and even still 65 percent of the money going for the Steelers.

And why not?

The Chiefs have gotten dreadful QB play and have not shown that they can stop anyone.

The Steelers are getting very good offensive play under offensive coordinator Todd Haley. They still have their defense that has been one of the best for many years.

The result? How can anyone actually go with the Chiefs, unless you are counting on the fluky injury or something of the like. Pittsburgh is at least two touchdowns better than the Chiefs, so I'm taking the Steelers and giving up the 13.5 points.

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