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Looking Forward Out of the Bye Week

The team had a week to rest their bodies, and we had a week to rest our mental health. Now it's time to look forward onto the season.


First and foremost, Veterans Day was yesterday, but today it's Observed so still, if you come across a Veteran thank them for their service to this country.

As we come out of our Bye Week the future looks bleak. Kolb is out for at least 3 more weeks based off of the fact that he's still in plenty of pain while throwing. Wells can come back as early as next week but who knows how his body will respond in a game, and the O-Line is one of the worst the NFL has ever seen. Did I forget anything? There was a lot of controversy over the fact that rookie Quarterback, Ryan Lindley, received first team reps in practice this week, but knowing that he's the only man behind Skelton it's best he's prepared in case Skelton goes down or is terrible.

However... We do have something to look forward to. Michael Floyd had his best game to date against the Packers after replacing the struggling Early Doucet, catching 5 out of 7 targets for 80 yards, good enough for second behind Andre Roberts. Rookie Left Tackle replaced the journeyman/struggling/shouldn't even be on an NFL roster, D'Anthony Batiste, and even though it was a small sampling he looked very good, stonewalling Clay Matthews and creating some decent running lanes for the backers.

The defense gave up a big play to TE Tom Crabtree shifting their momentum back in the Packers favor. That means there HAS to be a change on Defense right? Probably not. Stewart Bradley nor Reggie Walker have seen the field on Defense much this season, meaning Lenon will probably continue to be their guy until they see him unfit. Sadly we lost Schofield to a season ending injury, meaning FA acquisition, Quentin Groves, will get an opportunity to add to his Cardinals resume. Behind him are LB's Jamaal Westerman, and rookie Zach Nash(Who I really want to see play). Campbell may be hiding an injury since he was seen hobbling around team headquarters, which makes sense since they added DE Ronald Talley to replace Schofield's roster spot.

While there were no coaching changes, you can't help but wonder... Will Miller return next year? Or will the Cardinals finally see him as an unfit OC and promote from within, or hire outside? Maybe... Ya know... Make a change at HC too? Not that I recommend it, but it is a possibility.