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NFL Power Rankings: '72 Dolphins are safe again

Exhale Dolphin's fans, for your 1972 Dophin's undefeated record remains safe for at least another year. New Orleans spoiled Arizona's bid to tarnish a perfect Atlanta record this upcoming week, however next Sunday's game is of utmost importance for the Cardinals playoff hopes. For now, the Cardinals are sliding on most Power Rankings, and the overall discrepancy between power rankings is becoming marginal.

Wesley Hitt

1. Atlanta Falcons - They lost a close game on the road, to an ever-improving Saints team, while obviously looking ahead to their game against the Cardinals (note: sarcasm). I'm still giving the Falcons the love the deserve.

2. Houston Texans - Of all the "ELITE" teams of this year, they had likely the toughest match up against a great Bears defense on the road.

3. San Francisco 49ers - Mark my words, that tie will somehow be very significant during the playoff stretch.

4. Baltimore Ravens - Jerk of the week award goes to John Harbaugh for running a fake field goal for a touchdown while already leading by a large margin. But give him a break, he's just trying to emulate his brother.

5. Chicago Bears - The Bears offensive, offensive line finally killed Cutler.

6. Denver Broncos - Who gets comeback player of the year, Peyton Manning or Adrian Peterson?

7. New England Patriots - Game against the BIlls was much closer than Brady and the Pats would have liked, but that just seems to be the way that Buffalo plays the Pats.

8. Green Bay Packers - The Week of the Injured QB: Rodgers and the Pack had a great week to have their bye, as without Aaron the Packers would be led by...Graham Harrell.

9. New York Giants - Big brother Peyton is stealing the Manning spotlight once again. At least Eli was able to win a Superbowl in the year without Peyton.

10. Seattle Seahawks - Defense has been awesome all year, Marshawn Lynch is perpetually in beastmode, but its the play of Russell Wilson that could very well get the Seahawks into the post-season. Matt Flynn eat your heart out.

11. Pittsburgh Steelers - True to their name, the Steelers stole a victory from the Chiefs. It truly was an poorly officiated game.

12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Whatever nickname you call Doug Martin, he has put the Buccaneers close to the "serious threat" level.

13. Indianapolis Colts - A win over Jacksonville is far from impressive. What is impressive is how good Luck looked, considering his Colt's were travelling on a very short week, which has been disastrous for most QBs thus far this season.

14. Dallas Cowboys - 2012 Dallas Cowboys: The Love Hate relationship of Dez Bryant.

15. New Orleans Saints - Drew Brees is willing his team to victories, the question is if his defense can hold the opposition to under 35 points.

16. Cincinnati Bengals - Well, one way to make a statement is to thoroughly "whoop" the defending champs. Are the Bengals back in business?

17. Minnesota Vikings - Its quite obvious that Adrian Peterson is having a remarkable season, especially considering he wasn't even supposed to be ready to start the season, but is it of MVP calibre?

18. Philadelphia Eagles - U of A fans, its Nick Foles time. Philadelphia hospitals, prepare a bed for the young man trying to survive being the second worst pass blocking OL.

19. Detroit Lions - They may be horribly inconsistent, but at least Calvin looked like Calvin again.

20. Tennessee Titans - Speaking of inconsistent, Tennessee responds from a beat down by the Bears to blowout of their own over Miami.

21. Miami Dolphins - I'm gonna chalk this one up under the had a bad day column, a very bad bad.

22. Washington Redskins - RG3 got to rest his weary bones on the bye, and gets to face a fellow rookie in Foles this week.

23. Arizona Cardinals - With the amount of QB injuries we saw this week, and the state of the Arizona offensive line, we would have definitely seen Early Doucet line up under center had Arizona been playing. Season defining game against the Falcons.

24. St. Louis Rams - In a battle between the Rams and the Niners, a tie goes to the Rams. Impressive showing for a young team against a powerhouse.

25. San Diego Chargers - Turn up the heat on Norv Turner's seat. San Diego is in need of a rebuild, and has enough to pieces to make it a quick rebuild.

26. New York Jets - I will keep saying it until it actually happens, TEBOW TIME. What does Rex Ryan see in Mark Sanchez that cements Tim Tebow to the bench?

27. Buffalo Bills - A touchdown differential loss in a shootout to the Patriots is not the end of the world, but probably the end of the Bills playoff hopes.

28. Carolina Panthers - They lost a game that they should have lost this week, but that in and of itself proves that they aren't competing this year. Outclassed by Manning and co.

29. Cleveland Browns - *Insert some sort of joke about how this was the best Cleveland performance all year, and slyly include thereafter that they are on their bye week*

30. Oakland Raiders - The Raider can take solace in the fact that the Ravens are meany poop head that rubbed their victory in Oakland's face. They cannot take solace in their ability as a football team though.

31. Kansas City Chiefs - Matt Cassel overtime interception notwithstanding, the Chiefs deserved to win this game. Referies were not calling anything in favour of KC.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars - Jags fans have a lot to look forward to, like what they are going to do with their 1st overall selection. Stay on the Blaine Train, or roll the dice with one of the college QBs.