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11/13 Arizona Cardinals news: Tweaks, Washington's big goal

Some links to start your day about the Cardinals and NFL


The Cardinals were at practice for the first time in almost a week and they are starting to look ahead to the Atlanta Falcons, hoping to get things back on track. What was said? Read are the links of the day.

Cardinals links:

Washington hopes to make it two losses for Falcons -
"Hopefully it can be two consecutive losses," Washington said. "Hopefully we can go up there and get a win. It is going to be a crazy and hostile environment."

Turning Things Around
Cardinals prep for final seven-game stretch knowing change can come

Word From the Birds Blog | Yes, there are ties in the NFL
Once upon a time, Donovan McNabb took a lot of heat — deservedly so — because he didn’t know an NFL regular-season game ended in a tie if a scoreless overtime quarter was played. McNabb was not alone, however.

Word From the Birds Blog | A slot for Andre Roberts
"If Mike played more, he’s just learning the ‘Z’ (position) and I would be forced to go into the slot," Roberts said. "I don’t know what that would do to my reps. We have a whole bunch of formations. We’ll see."

Cards notebook: Injuries raise fairness issue
Heap's lingering injury, recent QB concussions make punishment seem light; Kolb still a ways from return.

NFL stories:

Steelers beat Chiefs in overtime on Monday Night Football -
Todd Haley got the best of his former team.

Falcons Release Ray Edwards - The Falcoholic
The Falcons just released Ray Edwards. I'd say I'm surprised, except I'm not. Jay Glazer tweeted the news. As the Pro Football Focus folks pointed out in response to the Glazer...

TAKEAWAYS: What we learned in NFL Week 10 -
SB Nation knows you're busy. That's why it has Bobby Big Wheel recap the week's NFL games for you on Mondays.

Rookie QB review: Andrew Luck thrills, Nick Foles cushions Andy Reid's fall -
It was an off week for the NFL's rookie quarterbacks.

Trindon Holliday TD return should have been reviewed, says NFL -
The league released a statement on Monday admitting an egregious mistake made by officials in a Week 10 game between Denver and Carolina.

Alameda Ta'amu released; Steelers give up 2012 4th round pick -
The Steelers have decided to part with their former draft selection following the fallout of a messy drunken-driving situation.

Mike Holmgren denies interest in Cowboys job -
Mike Holmgren has denied interest in coaching the Dallas Cowboys in 2013.