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Arizona Cardinals have one of league's toughest remaining schedules

For the less optimistic fans, this is just fuel for the fire


The Arizona Cardinals are coming out of their bye week 4-5 and headed on the road to face one of the league's best teams in the Atlanta Falcons. You might say the same thing about much of the rest of the season. Arizona is hoping to get back on track and do more of the things that got them to 4-0 and less of them that got them to 4-5.

Unfortunately, the road is not easy. Note the telling tweet from Mike Sando, ESPN's NFC West blogger:

Arizona plays the Falcons, the Seahawks and the 49ers all on the road between now and the end of the season. They also play the Jets on the road. They host the Rams, the Lions and the Bears.

On paper that is pretty tough and even the most realistic fan can probably pin two wins in that group -- the Jets and the Rams.

However, the team will get Beanie Wells back. Kevin Kolb will likely be back at some point.

The team was 1-6 last season and made it to 8-8.

Can they make a late-season run? It certainly is possible. It just is hard to think that way looking ahead at the rest of the schedule.

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