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Eagles sign OL Jake Scott, Cardinals fans raise eyebrows

Many hoped Arizona would take a look

Levi's torn triceps was the beginning of the OL woes for Arizona
Levi's torn triceps was the beginning of the OL woes for Arizona

Veteran free agent offensive lineman is now just a veteran offensive lineman. He has signed a one-year contract with the Philadelphia Eagles to help shore up an offensive line that is even more banged up than the Cardinals' unit. According to Pro Football Talk, Scott was only going to sign with a team if it was the right situation.

There have been readers here on this site that have been clamoring for Scott to be targeted by the Cardinals.

While it is unknown if the Cardinals ever even thought about Scott as an option for the depleted line for the team, there has never been any rumor of even the team having interest.

Of course, before the outrage begins, let us note that there was another tackle that fans were hoping that the Cardinals would sign but ended up on the Eagles as well. That was Demetress Bell, who has not played well at all for the Eagles.

In the end, it took an absolutely desperate Eagles team to sign Scott. No one else had previously. There is a reason for that. In the end, most teams didn't think he would be much better than the guys that already fill their roster.

But if he turns out to be the answer, then fans will have reason to be upset with how the Cardinals have handled the offensive line injuries.

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