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Arizona Cardinals plan on 'tweaks' to get team back to winning

But the team is not saying what those things are.

Dilip Vishwanat

When the Arizona Cardinals got back to practicing on Monday after being off since after practice on Wednesday, wrietr Darren Urban used the word "tweaking" to describe what the team was looking to do to get things right.

In Ken Whisenhunt's post-practice meeting with the media (link to video here), he revealed just a little (if any) insight into what they hope to do in the way of tweaks.

First, it may mean getting players back. "We got a few guys back practicing," he said without elaborating more than that. When asked about Calais Campbell and his reported leg injury, Whiz was coy, saying that the team never announced anything like that.

He did point out that the team was able to do some different things. "Last week was about the competitive aspect," he said, referring to how different players were given looks in different settings. What he meant is that he wanted to see if he could raise the level of concern of his current starters and rotation players to see if someone else could do a better job.

What that turns into on Sunday is yet to be seen.

So we have players coming back and possible changes in personnel.

There is also the issue of game planning and approach.

He said there are two parts of what they did over the bye. "The first part is looking at what you do and what you've had success with," he said. He then said the other part is looking at other things, "maybe you have to adjust based on what your players have handled certain things."

Will there be player changes? Will there be a different approach? Tweaks will say that nothing huge will happen. In the end, it seemed more about execution -- starting faster on defense and making more plays on offense. "Starting better and playing better" are his focuses. Hopefully that happens this week.

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