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Tuesday afternoon open thread: How should late-hit injuries be dealt with?

Craig Morgan of FOX Sports Arizona brings up a few ideas on how to stop all of the unnecessary concussions and injuries in the NFL.


We haven't really had a simple discussion post revolving around one question since the off-season, so I thought it would be nice to throw one up for today since we don't really have any Cardinals news to discuss.

Craig Morgan of FOX Sports Arizona discussed the three quarterbacks that left their respective games on Sunday in the NFL, all of which sustained a concussion. One of them (Jay Cutler's) came on a late hit that was completely unnecessary.

Morgan then added that the NFL is too soft in trying to correct these issues. So why not suspend the player for as long as the injured player is out? Obviously, this would only work on hits that were late and deemed unnecessary.

He uses the Todd Heap sprained PCL injury in week 2 against the Patriots as an example. Steve Gregory, under Morgan's new rules, would still be sitting out. If he is "suspended", that would mean he isn't receiving a paycheck. Obviously, if the NFL wanted to enact that rule, there would be plenty of legal hurdles they would have to jump over due to all the money that would be lost by players.

Personally, I don't think Morgan's idea would work, but there are other things the NFL could do. They could levy heavier fines against players for late hits. Hit them where it hurts most: their wallets. Instead of a simple $7,875 fine like Gregory received, hit him for $25,000+. That will make him think next time before he makes a silly mistake.

Another problem with Morgan's idea is that players may choose to milk their injury for more than it's worth. They are getting paid, so why not get a little payback on the guy that hit them by sitting out a couple extra weeks to make them lose a couple more paychecks?

What do you make of all this? What rules would you put into place to stop all of the unnecessary hits and roughness? We want football to still be as amazing as it is now, but it has become apparent that some things need to change.

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