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Why the Cardinals will still finish under .500 this season

For a team that started 4-0, it is certainly strange that they have now lost five straight games. Nevertheless, it seems improbable that they reach the .500 mark this season.


You may recall at the beginning of the season, the Revenge of the Birds and SB Nation Arizona writing staffs listed a few predictions for the season, including how we thought the Cardinals would do overall. We each made our prognostications as to the final record for the team through 16 games.

As you can see, I thought the Cardinals would go 6-10. And to be honest, I still stand by that prediction over half way through the season.

The Cardinals are 4-5 right now and I stated that in order to have a winning season, they would have to start out hot. Which is exactly what they did. A 4-0 record to begin the season was highly improbable, but welcomed by all Cards fans.

Then, out of nowhere, the Cardinals just lost "it". They have lost their last five games and are approaching the most difficult stretch of their schedule. They take on the 8-1 Falcons coming out of the bye, followed by two winnable games against the Rams at home and the Jets in New York.

After that, it is all downhill. They have to travel to Seattle to play the Seahawks, where it seems no team is ever able to win. Hosting the Lions' powerful passing attack at home is no easy task. Then, the Bears and their dominant defense come to University of Phoenix Stadium the week after that. To finish things up, the Cardinals get to go to Candlestick for a season finale against the 49ers.

The Rams, Jets and possibly the Lions games are the only ones I see as winnable. They won't win all three, though. That gives them two more victories on the season in my eyes, putting them at 6-10, right where I had them before the season began.

Will changes come if that happens? Probably. Who knows what they are. At least the Cardinals will have a nice draft pick to console themselves with.

What do you think? Am I crazy for believing a team that started 4-0 can finish under .500? Am I being too pessimistic? Tell us all in the comments section below.

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