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Former Cardinals offensive lineman Jeremy Bridges signs with Carolina Panthers

After reaching an injury settlement with the Arizona Cardinals to be released off of the IR, Jeremy Bridges became a free agent and has signed with the Carolina Panthers.

Christian Petersen

Apparently other teams are seeing something the Cardinals did not.

On Tuesday, Jeremy Bridges announced on Twitter that he has reached an agreement to re-join the Carolina Panthers as a backup offensive lineman. Here is the tweet:

The veteran tackle was recently released by the Arizona Cardinals after reaching an injury settlement with the team that allowed him to be taken off of injured reserve. There are some questions that arise with this, however.

Bridges was initially diagnosed with a season ending thumb strain. Now, just over half way through the season, he is off the IR and ready to play. Why is it that the Cardinals did not just place him on the PUP in the hopes of him returning sooner? Was their original diagnosis of him being out for the whole season misguided?

Either way, the Cards could have really used Bridges, as odd as that is to say. He would have provided a veteran option for the team to turn to while both Bobby Massie and D'Anthony Batiste continued to struggle on the field. With the ability to play almost on position on the line, Bridges could have easily been another option.

It's over now though. Bridges is a Panther. And the Cardinals are still left with some glaring questions along their atrocious offensive line.

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