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Cardinals linebacker O'Brien Schofield announces that his surgery was successful

O'Brien Schofield was diagnosed with a season ending ankle injury after the Cardinals' game against the Packers. He announced on Tuesday that the surgery to repair his ankle was successful.

Christian Petersen

The Cardinals are going to miss O'Brien Schofield this season, but it sounds like he is on track to be ready to go for 2013.

Schofield announced on Twitter on Tuesday that the ankle surgery he underwent was successful. He continued to thank God and his family, friends and fans for all of the support through these rough times in this tweet:


As for how the Cardinals plan on replacing Schofield, that is still unknown. The team promoted Zack Nash from the practice squad and re-signed Ronald Talley, but both of those moves could be made in anticipation of Calais Campbell's unannounced hamstring injury.

This season has been awfully rough for the Cardinals in terms of players going down with season ending injuries. First it was Levi Brown and Jeremy Bridges. Then Ryan Williams got hurt again. Now it is Schofield. But if you ask any of those players, I am sure that they all plan on coming back next season with the future in mind and hungry to win some games.

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