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Rookie Nate Potter is the official starter at LT

It isn't a surprise, but that makes two starting rookie tackles.


We all knew it was coming, but the team's website now shows that it is official. Rookie tackle Nate Potter is now the starting left tackle for the Arizona Cardinals, supplanting D'Anthony Batiste.

Potter got his first game action at tackle against the Green Bay Packers, playing 49 snaps. He had previously played a snap at guard.

With Levi Brown having gone down for the season with a torn triceps and Batiste struggling throughout the season, it appears that Potter was being groomed for this moment, much like many other rookies in the past have been.

We know that Ken Whisenhunt is not one to start rookies unless it is absolutely necessary. Assuming he continues to develop, we now have something there hasn't been for some time -- competition at the position. Imagine if he plays decently, that there will be a battle at left tackle next season. Of course, first Potter has to show he can play at this level.

In the meantime, he will have his hands full against the Atlanta Falcons.

Darren Urban quoted former Cardinals tackle L.J. Shelton in a blog post that Potter will have his hands full with John Abraham.

"Just going against experienced, Pro Bowl players like that is a challenge," Shelton added. "He has teammates and coaches that will put him in the right position and give him help. I'd advise him, on any short pass early on, cut him to slow him down, and from there on, just play football. Once you are out there and the ball is snapped and the helmets hit, it's football again. Trust your instincts."

My guess as to what we will see? A few really bad plays and a few that show he can do it. He will get overpowered many times but will show flashes of good technique. Above all, he will get his feet wet. Just hopefully he doesn't get a QB killed.

What do the rest of you expect from him?

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