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Does John Skelton think that 4-0 was a fluke?

It kind of sounds like it


When the Arizona Cardinals were back at practice on Wednesday, quarterback John Skelton spoke to the media and made some interesting comments, as noted in an article on He was trying to make a point about how people perceive the team, but it could be interpreted the wrong way.

"People called the 4-0 start a fluke and rightfully so because we lost the last five," he said. "All we can do is worry about ourselves, go out there and play the game no matter who the opponent is."

He was trying to say that it is understandable that the fans are calling it a fluke, but it also kind of makes it sound like he thinks it is a fluke.

What should he have said?

Let me fix this:

"People called the 4-0 start a fluke. Having lost five straight it looks like it. It wasn't a fluke. We are going to go out and show the fans that the fluke was the five-game losing streak. I have no doubt about that. The five losses are the fluke. That's what we have to prove starting this week."

As a writer, am I guilty of hyperbole in taking that quote and making it more than it is? Possibly.

However, as a representative of the team, I want to hear him say the confidence he has in turning things around. I want him to say that the 0-5 isn't our team. It was a mistake and that they are going to fix it.

Am I wrong? You tell me.