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NFL expert picks: The writers make their picks

It was a week of mediocrity. We will try and fix that this week.

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A week of surprises made for a bit of a mediocre week, with the best were only nine of 14 games. The Giants and the Niners all caused problems, as did the Titans in their beatdown of the Dolphins. We take our shot again.

Jess Root: 90-56 (8-6) Bills, Cardinals, Bucs, Cowboys, Packers, Texans, Bengals, Jets, Redskins, Saints, Broncos, Pats, Ravens, Niners

Alex Mann: 78-52 (9-5) Miami, Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Cleveland, Green Bay, Houston, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Washington, New Orleans, Denver, Indy, Baltimore, Chicago

Jess Reynolds: 44-41 (7-7) Dolphins, Cowboys, Buccaneers, Chiefs, Lions, Texans, Rams, Redskins, Cardinals (Maybe if I stop picking us we will win?), Saints, Broncos, Patriots, Ravens, Niners

Tyler Nickel: 85-45 (7-7) Dolphins, Bengals, Cowboys, Falcons, Packers, Buccaneers, Rams, Redskins, Texans, Saints, Broncos, Patriots, Ravens, 49ers

Skii: 83-47 (8-6) Miami, Cincinnati, Houston, New York Jets, Dallas, Tampa Bay, Arizona, Green Bay, Philadelphia, New Orleans, San Diego, New England, Pittsburgh, Chicago

GreaZzy: 83-47 (8-6)

Randy Fields: 82-38 (9-5)

khodder: 42-14

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