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Larry Fitzgerald believes the keys to victory lay solely in the hands of the Cardinals

Beating the Falcons has nothing to do with the Falcons, according to the star wideout.


The Arizona Cardinals have a big challenge ahead of them this Sunday as they face the Atlanta Falcons at the Georgia Dome. Very few believe that the Cardinals can pull off a victory. A loss would be the team's sixth straight.

According to Larry Fitzgerald, they really can't worry about the Falcons. They need to worry about themselves, especially on offense.

"This is about us, and our offense going out and executing. We have to do a better job putting points on the board," Fitz told reporters on Thursday, as noted in Darren Urban's article on the official team page.

He said that once they start worrying about the Falcons, they are essentially done.

Against Green Bay in their last game, the offense was able to hit on a few big plays, something they would obviously like to continue.

What will help is a combination of John Skelton putting balls in the right places and the receivers not dropping them.

Can the offense answer the "Call of Duty"?

What are your expectations offensively?

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