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The NFL on TV: Does it keep you from going to games?

The league is trying to think of how to keep fans going to the stadium to watch games.

Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

University of Phoenix Stadium keeps selling out games. Every game since it was opened has been a sellout. Will it stay that way?

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said that there is concern for the league with the quality of people able to watch games at home in stunning HD.

"One of our biggest challenges in the league is the experience at home," Goodell told a fan group. And "HD is only going to get better."

If it were not for my work with this site and SB Nation Arizona, which has me working games with the press on game days, I would be one to stay at home, which I honestly prefer as a fan for many reasons.

Overall as a league, attendance is at 97 percent, which is not perfect. The league wants to be at 100 percent. However, no sport even comes close to that.

At home, you don't have to fight traffic, weather, parking, overpriced concessions or the behavior of other fans. On the flip side, you don't interact with other fans, you aren't in the stadium so you can't affect the game in any way and you aren't part of the action.

Which is better? That depends on your income and your comfort level. With the existence of sites like ROTB, you can even watch the game at home and interact with fans.

Do you prefer to go to games? Do you like watching from home? What would make a difference for you?

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