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5 Positives from Sundays Loss

An unfortunate loss but there were some positives from this loss.

Kevin C. Cox

Six Turnovers:
The Defense played lights out. Held the Falcons to only one TD, and there some missed calls on that drive, unfortunately we can't complain about it. The Defense is the reason we were in this game till the end.

The Run Game:
LaRod Stephens-Howling was amazing. The lone bright spot in an offense that looked like garbage. He executed his job to near perfection all game long. His only flub coming on his 56 yard run when he slipped on the turf. It will be interesting to see how much he plays when Beanie Wells returns from his injury next week.

The O-Line:
It's interesting to say this... They played relatively well. 3 sacks for a loss of 29 yards. Two of those sacks as rookie mistakes with Lindley scrambling and trying to make something happen when the best choice is to through it away. Massie had his best game by far, giving up one sack to John Abraham and other Rookie Tackle Nate Potter giving up the other one.

Ryan Lindley:
While he didn't have a good game, nor did he win the game, and nor did he impress in many aspects... But there's one that I was awed by... His deep throw. Lindley targeted Fitzgerald and Roberts on plays that if made, were going to change the outcome of the game. Unfortunately due to his repertoire with Fitzgerald and Roberts the passes were barely off the fingertips of both of them.

Punted 8 times, and averaged 50 yards per punt. He had a long of 62 and almost had one downed inside the one yard line. He flopped field position, allowing our Defense to play it's game throughout it all.