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Arizona at Atlanta... Who's the Player of the Game?

A tough loss.. We were definitely the better team last night, but the Offense couldn't answer the call, and so we suffer yet another loss.

Still not sure how this is a fumble...
Still not sure how this is a fumble...
Scott Cunningham

It's hard to believe that we were at one point 4-0 this season. But the recent play from the Offense has erased any memory of out great start. Below are five players worthy of a game ball following their performance yesterday.

LaRod Stephens-Howling: He did great yesterday. 127 yards 1 TD and broke his own career long twice in the game on gains of 40 and 52. He was one of the brightspots in this weeks rather dull performance from an offense that has had rather dull performances since we lost to the Bills.

The Offensive Line: 3 sacks for 29 yards lost? Was Abrahams not on the field or something? All joking aside it seems that this unit has finally found a groove. Massie seems to finally be settling down, Snyder was quite and when an O-Linemen is quite he's doing his job. Abrahams acquired 2 sacks, one on each of our rookie tackles, one of which could have been avoided if a veteran QB had been in the backfield, but Lindley tried to make something happen on a 3rd down, and it resulted in a big sack. The only other sack came from Stephen Nicholas and again was a rookie trying to make a play.

Ryan Lindley: While his play wasn't awe inspiring, you could see how much he settled down, and how much promise he has. I know a lot of people are down on him but he came in relief of Skelton after only having received first team reps during the bye week, and even then not much. He has a stronger arm on him than Skelton and Kolb put together and his accuracy on the deep passes to Larry Fitz and Andre Roberts were near beauties.

The Defensive Unit: Alright... Since I can't choose all the players names to make this list we'll make the whole unit get a game ball. Lets see... 6 Turnover, 5 Picks by 5 different guys, two forced fumbles, a fumble recovery, and a sack... Tell me if you just read that stat line you would think that team won right? Anyway I digress. Toler played well yet again returning from injury, Johnson is showing us some hope for life after Wilson or Rhodes, Gay struggles in coverage still but he has two picks in two straight games. This Defense is loaded but without any offensive help, we won't win games.

Sam Acho: He made his presence felt didn't he. He's the only player on the Defense who can be singled out for their play. He gave us a chance to win at the end of the game TWICE. First with the forced fumble caught by Toler, flipped back inbound and recovered by Johnson. Then with the games 5th INT of Matt Ryan.