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NFC West Thoughts & Recap

Another week has gone by us in the NFL and the NFC West Picture is coming into clarity.

Kevin C. Cox

Well... Colin Kaepernick looked good didn't he? After Week 11 there are two team in the NFC West vying for the top spot in the Division.The Niners and Seahawks. What was once a race between the Cardinals and Niners, turned into a three way battle, and Arizona was kind enough to drop out of the race.

Only three NFC West teams played today, two of which lost. The Rams struggled against a struggling New York Jets team, and there passing game looked just like ours, until the 4th Quarter, when Bradford could finally get a couple of blocks, and his receivers could make some grabs. We all know how the Cardinals game played out, and the Niners absolutely man handled the much heralded Chicago Bears.

Now that it's a two horse race it's time to look to the future for Arizona and St. Louis. I doubt the Rams will be making any huge Coaching or FO changes due to this being the first year for HC Jeff Fischer, but there could be personnel changes, such as Steven Jackson leaving. As for the Cardinals... Injuries have marred this team from building on it's 4-0 start. Starting two Rookie Tackles isn't something any NFL Team would do unless it was struck heavily at O-Line, and that's just what happened this year for us. And now Arizona has yet another choice to make at Quarterback... Ryan Lindley or John Skelton? A lot of promise for the future for both Franchises but this year isn't their year.

Seattle is a surprise team. Many expected coveted FA Matt Flynn to start over Rookie QB Russel Wilson, which didn't play out. Wilson now has the Seahawks at second in the division thanks to "Skittles" AKA Marshawn Lynch, and like every other team in the NFC West, a very strong Defensive Unit.

And of Course, the Niners. While they were considered favorite coming into this season for the NFC West, no one expected them to be challenged in the Division. And they have been all year long.

How the NFC West plays out now is anyone's guess, maybe Arizona wins their next 6 games, and both the Seahawks and Niners struggle, and maybe not, but in the NFC West, it's really anybodies game till the final week.