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Pro Football Focus grades the performance of Nate Potter

How did rookie left tackle Nate Potter perform for the Cardinals last Sunday against the Falcons? PFF has all the grades.

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If you read this site frequently (which you definitely should), then you know that the writers here love using Pro Football Focus' stats in many of our articles. They do a great job over at PFF in breaking down the minute details within a football game that are sometimes hard to notice when you are watching it on your couch.

I noted in my five negatives column after the Cardinals' most recent loss to the Falcons that rookie left tackle Nate Potter's play was questionable. It seems I wasn't the only one, either.

PFF broke down the play of Potter, noting that he gave up two sacks and a quarterback hit last Sunday. While this was better than D'Anthony Batiste's normal 5 pressures per game, it still wasn't very great. As such, PFF had this to say:

Potter is obviously inexperienced and only a seventh-round pick. Kevin Kolb may not be the ultimate answer at quarterback, but it's impossible to tell with the type of pressure he has faced. Look for some picks in April to address this situation as it is turning into a black eye on a team that is only a couple pieces away from the playoffs.

I agree with everything they said. The Cardinals must address the offensive line with some high draft picks in the coming draft. It is absolutely impossible to see the type of talent you have under center when the quarterback is constantly having to worry about landing a hit from behind.

As PFF said, the Cards could actually be a playoff team with a decent offensive line. Not only would the quarterback get more time to throw the ball, but the run game would likely improve as well.

Is Nate Potter the answer? Maybe. It's still too soon to tell. But even if he looks good for the rest of the season, that should not deter the Cardinals from drafting top of the line talent along their offensive line. If they don't, it is just going to be another long season with more quarterback injuries in 2013.

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