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Ryan Lindley is now the starter, but what does that mean about the 2012 season?

Has the organization given up on this season?

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The Arizona Cardinals made some waves across the league on Wednesday when head coach Ken Whisenhunt not only declared that rookie Ryan Lindley would be the starting quarterback against the St. Louis Rams, but he announced before anyone in the press actually asked the question.

So now the Cardinals start yet another quarterback hoping to breathe life into an offense that has gone from barely passable to completely lifeless over the course of the season.

At this point, with the decision to move on from Skelton, you have to wonder what the motivation is behind the move. Whisenhunt said, "hopefully he (Lindley) will give us a spark," A quote like that sounds desperate. Yes, he desperately wants to win, but it feels like he's grasping at straws.

The move could be motivated by more than one thing. Internally, they could be giving up on the season and are committed to finding out what they have in Lindley. They might simply have gotten fed up with Skelton and believe there is no more upside, and that while Lindley might not be as good right now, he could be. They might think that Lindley is ready to take that step and spark the team.

Another question that immediately comes to mind is if he is going to continue to start once Kevin Kolb is healthy. I would suppose that would depend on how well Lindley is playing.

It would make sense that at this point the team look at Lindley. If he does decently, it could provide the team with leverage when talking to Kevin Kolb about his contract.

What do you think? My personal thoughts are that Whisenhunt is trying anything. He doesn't think John Skelton can do it, so he's just throwing Lindley out there since he has shown some upside as a wish for something better until Kolb gets back.

Do you think there is any hope for the season?

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