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Niners Make A QB Shift of Their Own

It was just announced that Jim Harbaugh has named Colin Kaepernick his starting QB come this Sunday.

Donald Miralle

While rumors flitted about no one really thought that Kaepernick would get the nod over Alex Smith. It was thought that the only way Kaepernick would start would be if Smith was still battling concussion like symptoms. However this was not the case. Jim Trotter broke the news with

@SI_JimTrotter: BREAKING: Harbaugh informed Alex Smith that Kaepernick will start Sunday, per source. Said decision not based on health.

I am curious as to why and how Harbaugh came to this conclusion. We know he usually rolls with the hot hand, but to bench a QB who has you sitting at 7-2-1 and lead your team to 13-3 and the NFC Championship game the previous year baffles me. It will be curious as to how this now plays out.

There are fan interested in the idea of Alex Smith coming to Arizona too. Now there is very little way the team trades Smith to us, but if they do decide to part ways with him how tempting does Arizona sound to him? Clearly he'd have to change his number 11 so that he could throw to our own number 11. But with a defense that's as talented, if not more, a running back who could be one of the leagues best if he could holster the injury bug, and possibly an O-Line that is turning a corner (that's a big maybe) would he be interested in revenge of his former team?

There's a long way to go before we can speculate about adding new players but this is one interesting possibility.