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Looking back at the worst plays of the NFL in week 11 and the best one for the Cards

Only they are in GIF form

Scott Cunningham

Earlier this week, on the ".com" site, Bill Hanstock put together a compilation of the worst plays of the week in Week 11. There are some doozies to choose from, and this time there is a play that the Cardinals are involved in, only our team is not the butt of the joke. It is Atlanta that gets that distinction.

Tony Romo appears in one of his sacks. The Pittsburgh are on there a couple of times. It is a lovely thing to read to get a laugh or two in.

Now for the Cardinals, we do have one excellent GIF and that would be the superb play that Greg Toler did to keep a loose ball alive and allow his teammate recover a fumble.

Here it is:


It was amazing how much awareness he had to not just try to grab the ball unsuccessfully. He tried to keep the ball in play. Of course, Toler has played a lot on special teams in punt coverage in his career, so that is something he has done to keep a punt from being a touchback. Regardless, it was heady and athletic, and with the boneheaded decision by Mike Smith to throw the challenge flag when the play was already going to be reviewed made it an even more positive play, as Arizona gained 15 yards as a result.

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