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Arizona Cardinals, Nate Potter preparing for Rams pass rush in rematch

Potter was on the bench when Kevin Kolb was sacked nine times on a Thursday night this season.


When the Arizona Cardinals played the St. Louis Rams in Week 5, rookie Nate Potter was not yet on the field playing. He should feel lucky. When the teams played, the Rams sacked quarterback Kevin Kolb nine times en route to a 17-3 win on a Thursday night. Defensive end Robert Quinn had three of those sacks.

This time it will be Potter and not D'Anthony Batiste protecting the blind side of rookie starting QB Ryan Lindley.

Potter talked to me on Friday after practice and I asked him about the matchup and what the plan was to try and slow down the pass rush. "That's kind of how their defense is," he said. "The ends are really good and they pride themselves on their pass rush. So, as a whole offense we've got to execute better and try to get the run game going a bit."

The key to slowing the rush? Running the football. Thankfully, Beanie Wells will be back, although how much he will be able to do is unknown. "You never know what to expect since it's his first game in quite a while," said Whiz when asked about Beanie. "Whatever we get out of him, if we can get something out of him, that will be good. We can certainly use some help there." That help is needed because all the other running backs are listed with some injury or ailment.

How is Potter doing with protection schemes and technique at the pro level?

"Mentally, I'm still trying to figure it out and make sure I don't make any mistakes that way, but fundamentally and all that I'm just working everyday trying to get better," he explained. "I need to improve in a couple of things and that's what I've been working on."

The Rams got the Kolb it seemed on every play. What do you think will be the case this time around? Will Lindley get sacked like Kolb did? Give us your thoughts and why.

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