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Cardinals Vs. Rams postgame: Cards not going to give up on season

Even after seven straight losses, players and coaches still saying the right things

Norm Hall

Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt likely has heard the chatter among fans and the media that his job could be in jeopardy, but he isn't worrying about it publicly. "That's part of the business," he said when asked about speculation about his job. It wasn't that he was being callous about it because the very next thing out of his mouth was,"You know what, we're working hard. Nobody feels worse about this than we do."

Patrick Peterson took a slight jab at the team's offense, but also was quick to say that they are all in it together. "I believe we are definitely playing playoff caliber defense," he said. "But at the end of the day, we have to continue to fight with those guys as well, because we are a team."

Even still, he feels that it will come around.

"We have to keep fighting," said Peterson, who grabbed his fourth interception of the year on Sunday. "We got knocked down on the canvas seven times, so at some point we have to get back up."

Linebacker Quentin Groves, who had himself a sack and a forced fumble, said it plainly, sticking to the fact that they are going to keep at it. "Four simple words: we're all we got," he declared to the media. "We have to stick together as a family, as a team, and then just say we're all we got. The fans turn on you, the media turns on you, and at the same time, those 62 guys in that locker room have to band together with the coaches as well and say we're all we got, and go out there and play."

Larry Fitzgerald spoke to the disconnect between practice and games, noting that practice have good energy and effort, but that something happens on gameday where errors show up.

Will the game plan change or approach shift focus from winning now to evaluating for the future?

"No, I'm not giving up if that is what you are talking about 'to look at guys,' if that's what you're asking me," said Whisenhunt. "I mean we are going to put the best guys in there that are going to give us the chance to win. We want to win games, so we aren't going to evaluate personnel over trying to win games."

In the end, the message is still consistent. Whisenhunt assures is "that we are going to get it straight."

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