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Cardinals vs. Rams: Player of the Game

Cardinals are getting to the point we're the will be testing my counting skills on this losing streak. Now at seven, aspirations for post-season football are all but gone. However, there is always next year, and there are always in game performances to take note of. With that in mind, let's take a look at some of the top Cardinal performances from Sunday's loss.

Arizona Cardinals season defined in a picture: So close to executing, but end up falling short
Arizona Cardinals season defined in a picture: So close to executing, but end up falling short
Christian Petersen

1. Patrick Peterson - The return game looked much better than what we've seen the past few weeks from PP21, and he was a shoestring tackle from taking a punt for 90+ yards to the house. That is just the cherry on top though, as Peterson was great in coverage today, I don't even know if he gave up a catch. Peterson stepped up quite a few times in run support. In fact, on the one play that he did get beat (Amendola crossed his face on the goaline and was open on the slant in the endzone) Peterson managed to get back in position and intercept the sure touchdown.

2. Beanie Wells - Yards per carry be damned, I'm giving Beanie some love this week. Wells' presence in the game early gave the Cardinals offense a boost. A two touchdown game will always get a player some love, but the improvement in pass blocking is what gives Beanie some extra props this week. On multiple occasions Wells stepped up and either chipped a defender beautifully, or completely stone walled an oncoming blitzer.

3. Rob Housler - I'm probably one of the biggest Rob Housler fans out there, so my opinion is slightly biased, but Housler's getting the nod this week. Housler was open all day against the Rams, and were it not for one untimely drop, he would have had a near perfect day recieving. Ryan Lindley seems to look for Rob "the Human Mismatch" Housler as his favorite target, and it really is a good idea. If Lindley can utilize both him and Fitzgerald, the offense might drag itself back to respectability.

4. Daryl Washington - The Cardinals played a game of football Sunday, so it goes without saying that Washington played fantastically again. Mind you, Washington has had better days, notably on the Lance Kendricks touchdown, when Washington was fooled completely by the play action. There are cracks in his Superman costume, but despite the big mistake, Washington had another Washingtonesque game.