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Cardinals vs Rams: Play of the Game

Another week culminated in a loss, another week to depressingly look at the positives from a loss. Here we'll take a look at some of the more impressive plays by the Cardinals in their loss to the St Louis Rams. And make sure to place your vote for play of the week in the poll below.

Norm Hall

1. Daryl Washington's Sack - In terms of skill required, it really wasn't all that impressive. Washington lined up directly over center, and was inexplicably left unblocked as he quickly swallowed up Bradford for a nine yard loss. The play was especially big, because it came on third down and Arizona scored on the proceeding drive. It was Daryl's ninth sack of the year, giving him an outside shot at catching Simeon Rice for most sack's in a single year for Arizona with 16.5.

2. Lindley to Housler for 28 - Cardinals fans still have nightmare from last season when time after time Kevin Kolb and John Skelton missed a wide open Rob Housler on the seam route. Lindley tried his best to erase those memories on Sunday as twice he was able to hit Housler on the seam route, one of which Housler unfortunately dropped. On this occasion, Rob is lined up tight on the line with Janoris "two pick sixes" Jenkins in coverage. Rob runs a tight little post seam route, and Jenkins gets tripped up changing direction. Lindley hits Housler in stride and he trucks forward to the 25 yard line.

3. Roberts almost wills his way into the endzone - Cards are in bunch trips to the right of Lindley. Fitxgerald runs a go route, Housler runs a five and out, and Roberts is open on the quick slant. Lindley quickly finds Andre with the pass, who eludes one tackler, and then make two Rams careen into each other. He spins in the face of Janoris Jenkins, but Jenkins hauls him down mere inches away form crossing the plane. Do not fret though, as Beanie Wells was able to punch it in two plays later.

4. Beanie Wells high steps his way to paydirt - Overall it wasn't a crazy impressive run by Wells, in fact he went untouched as he high stepped into the endzone, but it was the blocking by one Andre Roberts and the stout run defending Cortland Finnegan, coupled with the touchdown that gives the play the nod. Andre motioned down towards the box, pulling Finnegan with him and on the snap Roberts perfectly executes the crack block, sealing the edge for Wells to waltz into the endzone. Good play design, great execution.

5. PP21 take away six - If there is one thing that you cannot allow to happen as a corner is red zone coverage, it is to let your receiver cross face. With St. Louis at the goaline, Pettis does just that to Peterson. But Patrick uses his great athleticism to not only get back into position, but also intercept the sure touchdown. Sure, Bradford absolutely should have thrown the pass much sooner, but he didn't and Peterson still made a great play to take away sure points, and keep Arizona in the lead (at the time)