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Cardinals vs. Rams: 5 Negatives

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I'm really tempted to just write "This whole game was a negative", and leave it at that.

Norm Hall

Unfortunately, there has to be five of them. But I shouldn't be complaining. This won't take long, given that most of the game was a train wreck.

1) The Play-calling

If you were to make a list of exactly what has led to the Cardinals demise this season, play-calling would be up there. It was evident today, as many of the offense's problems can be linked back to the very predictable plays, drawn up by the coaching staff.

2) Coaching Staff

Speaking of coaching staff, the Cardinals were haunted again and again by innefective coaching. Now, I'm not calling for a total overhaul, but the fact is, in the 2nd half of the game, the Rams made adjustments, and the Cardinals didn't. This ultimately turned the lead over to them for good.

3) Zone Protection

Although the defense did a stellar job, given the circumstances they were facing, Sam Bradford was still able to find open WR after open WR, leading to his TD's and high yardage. The Cardinals will have to work on "sticking with their guy" for the future, although again, the defense was superb.

4) Ryan Lindley

Before I say anything, let me just note that he was a late-round rookie in his first NFL start, in a season where he shouldn't really have seen any action. Now, with that in mind, as good as Lindley's initial drive, and half, were, he definitely was a negative. His two pick-6's were huge for the Rams, and the four interceptions in total didn't help.

5) The Losing Streak

The Cardinals have had multiple streaks extended in the last few weeks. Along with a streak of losing 6 games in a row in at least three seasons, the Cardinals are now on a 7 game losing streak. Kurt Warner left three years ago. This should not be happening, especially with a defense like the one that Ray Horton has created. In the end, it comes down to talent, and how well that talent plays. I guess we'll get a good look at both these as the season drags on.