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11/26 Arizona Cardinals news: Postgame thoughts from around the Web

The Cards lost. This is what people are saying

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Christian Petersen

After the 31-17 loss to the St. Louis Rams, the Arizona Cardinals have a lot of things being said about them. We are saying things. What are others?

Tough Start For Lindley Against Rams
Cardinals fall to St. Louis, 31-17, as rookie throws four interceptions

Beanie Enjoys Return To Field
Notebook: Rams try and take Fitz away; Bethel picked on in debut

With season lost, time for Cards to look ahead
Another ugly loss, another lost season with no more QBs to turn to; it's time for Cards to look ahead.

It just got really loud for Ken Whisenhunt -
The Cardinals better not lose to the Rams. If they do, it might get loud in here. They did and it is. Very.

Some good, more bad in Ryan Lindley's debut as Arizona Cardinals starter -
Ryan Lindley entered his postgame press conference - his first as a starting quarterback - not dressed like, well, a starting quarterback.

Has time come to trade Arizona Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald?
Has time come to trade Arizona Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald?,Trade Larry Fitzgerald? Each successive loss brings more ugly questions to the stunned Cardinals.

Paris Lenon: Arizona Cardinals will ‘keep grinding’
Paris Lenon: Arizona Cardinals will ‘keep grinding’,Lenon sat alone in front of his locker following yet another painful loss, his right knee wrapped in ice, the rest of his body battered and bruised. But he wasn’t defeated, and as bad as things look, he said the Cardinals aren’t ready to raise the white flag just yet. staff blogs - Kent Somers - Post-game spread
Kent Somers:The word "spread" is generous. This is more like finger food. There isn't a lot to break down after the seventh consecutive loss. Over the last five weeks, we're going to talk about jobs almost as often as politicians. Will the Bidwills fire...

Arizona Cardinals' Ryan Lindley throws four interceptions in first start
Jenkins became the first player in Rams history to have two pick sixes in one game.

Lack of Warner successor could sink Ken Whisenhunt
Kurt Warner has been retired for three years. The Cardinals have yet to honor him. What are they waiting for?