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5 Positives from our Seventh Straight Loss

It's depressing but there were plenty of positives to come from last weeks game.

Norm Hall

1) Beanie Wells Return:
17 Carries 48 yards 2 TD's. Not a bad day for a guy who's missed most of the season. He helped out the offense tremendously allowing the Cardinals to boast one of their best Offensive Productions of the season.

2) Ryan Lindley's play:
While his 4 Interceptions were less than spectacular, he has done something no rookie QB has ever done for a Cardinal... And that was to throw a 300 yard game. He has plenty to work on when being pressured but we saw what he could do when the O-Line could block... And surprisingly they only gave up 2 sacks.

3) William Powell:
It's a wonder why he hasn't played much since and Williams went down. You would think he deserved a chance to play after leading the NFL in rushing during the preseason. Every time he touches the ball he's a tremendous threat, he's like the bigger version of LSH.

4) The O-Line:
Is it just me or does Potter continue to impress? I know he gets help, but when he's given one on one matchups he holds his ground. I'm excited for his future in this league and I just learned that if he had come out last year, teams were ready to snag him in the first round. Guess we got a steal huh? Massie continues to grow and has played well since the bye week.

5) Daryl Washington:
I won't put the whole defense up there this time, but D-Wash again deserves to be on here. Many analysts would vote him Defensive MVP if the season ended today, and many fans would be happy. He has 9 sacks on the season, and is only one away from tying the Cardinals record for most by a linebacker.