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Cardinals Bonehead Play of the Game

In a game riddled with mistakes on both sides of the ball it's easy to find a Bonehead play... Or two.

Norm Hall

While I listed Lindley as one of my positives from last nights game he also tops my list for Bonehead play of the game. We have four plays to choose from... There's his first Pick 6, his Second pick which resulted in excellent field position for the Rams, his second pick 6 and of course his final INT of the game. I'll select... Pick 6 number two.

While all his picks were bad, bad plays this one was the worst. Yeah sure he's still trying to build something with Larry Fitzgerald but this was just ugly. Massively under thrown it was easy for Janoris Jenkins to take it to the house. I still have plenty of hope for Lindley who just needs more time to build a connection with his receivers, but his play in the second half yesterday was just depressing. As for the rest of the season, I say we role with Lindley. Doesn't make sense to start Kolb now that we're 'officially' out of the Playoff hunt. Skelton could win back the job if Lindley struggles next week.

There's a lot of good in Lindleys game, but there's a lot he can fix too.