Bickley beat me too it!

Last night I was trying to figure which way I would go if I were the Cardinals. After some thought. I began to wonder if it's time for Fitzgerald to go. I love him as a player. But let's be honest? The QB position will always be the most important player impact wise you will have on the field. We see what happens when that position is incompetent. Your whole offense is pretty much like a train wreck waiting to happen every game.

First off here is the link to the article for those who didn't read it. it.

He pretty much sums up the feelings I have on it. That not only is Fitzgerald a waste money wise. His talent and contributions are being wasted as well. And? He is beginning to show signs of not wanting to be here. The Cardinals do have some good young talent. They could possibly come out pretty good talent wise if Fitz is traded. I always love the ideal of going young and letting guys grow as a team.

Not only that? You could fire Whizenhunt and his staff. Start a new regime. Go young. And I am sure the fans would be pretty excited with that. Fitzgerald would be happier as well. He is in (win now) mode. He wants a ring. What do you think? Sounds like a plan to me.

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