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Ryan Lindley as the starter is the right move for the Cardinals

The Cardinals know what they have in John Skelton, so starting Ryan Lindley is what they need for the evaluation process.

Christian Petersen

Coach Ken Whisenhunt announced on Monday that if Kevin Kolb is unable to go against the New York Jets this weekend, Ryan Lindley would remain the starting quarterback. After throwing four interceptions in his starting debut, many wondered if that would be the case. And for once, Whisenhunt decided not to leave us guessing until a day or two before the game. So as a way to instantly analyze his decision, I think it is the right move.

You may recall that before Whisenhunt decided to throw Lindley into the fire, I was not in favor of it. I thought that he should be reserved only for emergency use so as to prevent him from having his confidence shattered behind the horrid offensive line. But now that the threshold has been broken, the Cardinals may as well see what they have in the young quarterback.

At this point, I think the team may decide whether or not he is even worth keeping on the roster for next season. With the losing streak the Cardinals are on, there is no doubt that some housekeeping is in order and my guess is that either John Skelton or Kevin Kolb will not be on the roster next season. That would leave Lindley as the primary backup, which means the Cardinals need to evaluate him now to see if he is suitable for the job. If not, they can always spend another mid-to-late draft pick on someone.

If Kolb is healthy enough to play, he should be the starter. The team has much to do in terms of evaluating him as well. They need to see if he is worth paying heading into the 2013-14 season.

These next few weeks may not be worth much in terms of making the playoffs, but they will tell us quite a bit as to which way the Cardinals are going to take this team for next season.

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