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Fire Ken Whisenhunt? Are you sure you want to do that?

There is a lot of talk about Whisenhunt's hot seat.

Kevin C. Cox

Since the Arizona Cardinals have lost seven straight games this season, the third straight season with a losing streak of at least six games. That really is an inexcusable thing to happen, and it is really understandable that there are people who would like to see Ken Whsienhunt fired.

The questions now are starting to come up from writers and Whiz himself understands that "it's part of the business."

But you up and decide to want him fired, think first.

Actually, Craig Morgan write a piece for that gives the arguments for and against Whisenhunt's dismissal.

As for me, I think it would be foolish to fire him.

Yes, he has a large hand in the mess he has with the offensive line and quarterback positions. Yes, he sounds like a broken record. You can say he has not accomplished anything without Kurt Warner.

But before you play the role of Michael Bidwill, think about this:

If you fire him, who do you hire? Many call for Ray Horton, but what do we really know about him? That he can coach a defense. Wade Phillips is like that, too. Do we know anything at all about his offensive philosophy? He seems like he will be a great coach, but that is a big unknown. Plus, the two biggest question marks -- quarterback and offensive line -- don't appear to be Horton's forte.

If not Horton, who would be a better choice than Whiz?

Next, a good gauge of the type of head coach you have is by how quickly he gets a new job. Guess what? Whiz would be hired in a week. And do you know what he would do? Beat the Cards. He is well thought of among coaching circles. It is how he is part of the league's competition committee.

Whiz might have been the head coach during three consecutive years of losing streaks of at least six games, but looking back a season ago, he also led the team to 8-8 after a 1-6 start. That was probably his finest moment as a coach.

Never mind the money factor. Whiz is well paid now and still has a year left on his current deal.

Consider this -- he has lost starters or expect starters or huge contributors Kevin Kolb, Beanie Wells, Ryan Williams, Levi Brown, Lyle Sendlein, Todd Heap and Jeremy Bridges (yes, hes was the projected starter before the season) for at least five games. Take that much away from Jim Harbaugh, Bill Belichick or any other well respected coach and they would look bad.

Firing Whiz doesn't make sense. I believe that he has the talent here and based on his track record (citing he Super Bowl and the 2011 turnaround) warrants one more year to show that it is the injuries that were the issue.

Firing Whiz just doesn't do anything to help the team. Be mad, be upset, feel that someone should be punished. But give Whiz one more year to prove his mettle.

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