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Former Cardinal Hamza Abdullah gives reasoning for taking NFL hiatus

The Abdullah brothers were on NBC's Rock Center with Brian Williams to discuss why they decided to leave the NFL for a year.

Christian Petersen

You may or may not recall an article we did a few months ago here on ROTB pertaining to former Cardinals defensive back, Hamza Abdullah. Both he and his brother, Husain Abdullah, decided to take a pilgrimage for their faith this year which required them to leave their jobs. While Hamza was without a contract and perhaps looking for a new team, Husain was an integral part of the Vikings secondary.

With their "leap of faith" came much praise -- and much scrutiny. Some asked how these two brothers could leave their well paying jobs in the NFL in the hopes of getting them back after they returned from their pilgrimage. Others touted them, saying that their decision was bold and noteworthy.

That is why Brian Williams (one of my favorite journalists) had the Abdullah brothers on his show "Rock Center" to discuss why they made the move and other parts of their lives. Here is a clip from the show.

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If you want to watch the whole thing, it will air on NBC's Rock Center on Thursday, November 29th, at 10 PM/9 central. This is truly a fascinating tale, no matter what religion you believe in. Plus, you get to see a former Cardinal do great things. Make sure to tune in!

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