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Looking back at other double pick-6 games for the Arizona Cardinals

Janoris Jenkins got the Cardinals twice last Sunday. Two former Cardinals have done it as well.

Christian Petersen

Last Sunday, rookie cornerback Janoris Jenkins did something that only a few players have done -- return two interceptions for touchdowns. On the first play of the second quarter, it was a throw in the flat to LaRod Stephens-Howling that Ryan Lindley should not have made, but the interception was caused by the ball being underthrown and behind LSH.

The second was a simply terrible underthrown ball. Lindley had Larry Fitzgerald down the sideline and Lindley simply did not step in to his throw.

It is a feat that two Arizona Cardinals defensive backs have done.

The more recent instance you might remember. It was Antrel Rolle who actually picked off three passes and returned all of them for scores, only one was called back because of a penalty during the return. It was against the Cincinnati Bengals and Carson Palmer in 2008.

Here are the clips from the plays.

You have to go a long time before that to get the feat. It was 1992 at Sun Devil Stadium playing the Washington Redskins.

Do you remember Robert Massey? He did it. I remember listening to the game that day on the radio in my room, as my parents did not turn on the TV on Sundays. He did it both times in the fourth quarter in the game. They brought the Cards back and they eventually won the game.

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