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Cardinals vs. Packers: What to Watch For

It's an important day for the Arizona Cardinals.

Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

Currently in a 4-game losing streak, they'll be looking to break their slump with a big win against the Green Bay Packers. If you do end up catching the game, here's a few things you should keep an eye out for:

1) Rich Ohrnberger

Although the entire O-line will be a key factor in the game, the performance of interior linemen Rich Ohrnberger will be especially vital in protecting the Cardinals QB's. Replacing an injured Adam Snyder, Ohrnberger will have to step up to the challenge of filling in for the veteran Snyder.

2) John Skelton

Although this is a pretty obvious one, it is still important enough to state again. The performance of Skelton will be key. Many fans have noted that he seems to have lost his magical touch from 2011. If the Cardinals hope to win, they'll need Skelton to heavily "up" his game.

3) The Run Game

It's safe to say that the run game has been atrocious. Although a lot has to do with Beanie Wells and Ryan Williams going down to injuries, if the Cardinals RB's can't carry the team on the ground, then the offense will have a lot to make up against the tough Packers defense.

4) Packer Injuries

The Packers have been plagued with injuries recently. WR Greg Jennings, CB Charles Woodson, and RB Cedric Benson are just a few to be named. How this will affect the Packers performance is still an unanswered question.

5) The Play-calling

Many, many fans have expressed disappointment throughout the season about the Cardinals offensive play-calling. All eyes will be on Offensive Mike Miller's performance in the game.