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Cardinals Drop Their Fifth Straight Game

Cardinals couldn't do enough to win, and dropped their 5th Straight Game.

Jonathan Daniel

We came into this game with some hope. After failing on our first drive drive, the Packers took their first punt return of the game and nearly broke free. However, on their first play from scrimmage we sacked Rodgers and he was out of sorts the rest of the drive and Crosby would miss the kick.

On the second drive our Offense moved the ball but a Housler drop on 3rd and Short killed the drive, the Packers would lose Jordy Nelson, but Randall Cobb would score on a play where a holding call was missed, an Offensive PI was missed, and to top it off Adrian Wilson missed a tackle.

The Cardinals responded with a LSH 1 yard TD run. Then everything fell apart as the Packers controlled the rest of the 1st half ending it with a 21-7 lead.

In the second half Rodgers would have 5 drives but only amass 23 total yards allowing the Cardinals to come within 10, but a 72 yard strike from Rodgers to Tom Crabtree would be the death of the Cardinals.

While the game didn't come out in our favor... There was actually good play from the O-Line. Nate Potter came in for Batiste and held up well, allowing no sacks and one pressure from Clay Matthews.

Even with injuries on the Packers O-Line we couldn't find many sacks. Their Wide Receivers dropped plenty of passes, and later in the game it effected our WR corps as well.

Unless a cure is found for our Offensive woes... The Defense is only going to get worse. Luckily we have Beanie Wells eligible to practice this week, and Kolb should... SHOULD... be allowed to practice following the game at Atlanta.