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NFC West Thoughts

After 9 weeks the Race for the NFC West is coming to the finish line. We're in the 10,000 meter run and we're gassed out after 12.5 laps and letting two other runners in front.


It's always nice to have a nice start... But when you gas yourself out halfway through the race... That's just as bad as struggling to start. Through nine NFL weeks here are the NFC West Standings:

San Francisco 49ers: 6-2 (2-0)
Seattle Seahawks: 5-4 (0-3)
Arizona Cardinals: 4-5 (1-2)
St. Louis Rams: 3-5 (2-0)

It's hard to believe that only two weeks ago Arizona was on top of that list, and only five games ago we were one of three undefeated teams. The Niners and Rams are undefeated in the NFC West, the Cardinals are struggling, and the Seahawks have yet to win in the division.

The Niners hold a two game lead in the West, with the Seahawks sitting just behind them. All these teams are competitive but some of their flaws stand out above their talent. For example the Rams are a young talented team, but their inexperience has them at 3-5. The Cardinals have a young team, talented too, but our O-Line, and lack of talent on it, has caused us to lose one QB indefinitely and only a matter of time till we lose another. The Seahawks as well are young and talented, but their inconsistent and young QB will cost them some games.

And of course... The Niners are probably the only team in the West who can claim to be the closest to perfect. The have Alex Smith who can look amazing at times, but utterly bad at others. They have an amazing ground game with Gore, Hunter, and James. Their Defense is amazing, and it's no wonder why they have been chosen to be NFC Superbowl Favorites.

We're running low on time, but as of now, it seems that only the Niners are ready for the Playoffs.